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Make sure that your old Mac has a computer name: Choose Apple () menu > System Preferences, then click Sharing and check the Computer Name field. When asked how you want to transfer your information, select the option to transfer from a Mac, Time Machine backup, or startup disk.

On our PC we were able to switch between account users ( we had 4 on one computer) without logging off each time- all we did was 'switch user' to go back to the start page, choose another user etc. This meant we were not logging off and either closing down or losing any open folders or web pages. We havent found this facility on the mac yet and are constantly having to formally log off and ... How To Switch from Windows to Mac, and Vice Versa Migrating from a Windows PC to a Mac, or vice versa, is easier than it seems, simply because you have less data to transfer than you might think. Switching to Chromebook – Google Chromebooks Switch. Q&A. Get answers to all your questions about Chromebook. Make the switch. A step-by-step guide to switch from your Mac or Windows computer. Switching from Windows to Mac: What I Learned - The Next Web My experiences of switching from a Windows PC to an Apple Mac for the first time. The positives and negatives, and some of my favorite apps. The positives and negatives, and some of my favorite apps.

Mac tips for Windows switchers - Apple Support Learn how to perform some common tasks on your new Mac. ... Switch apps. Command-Tab. Quit app. ... includes additional Windows and Mac terms. How to Switch between Accounts on Your Mac - dummies The Mac offers several ways to switch between accounts. The most straightforward way is to log out of one account and then log in to a different account. A faster and ... How to turn on a Mac comp? | MacRumors Forums How do you turn on the Mac computer on? there's no button on the monitor so ... How to turn on a Mac ... find a pic of one at and post it here so we ... How to Take a Screenshot on a Mac - dummies

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Switch to Mac: How to find your favorite Windows features in OS X I made the jump from Windows 8 to Mac OS X a few months back, when I started carrying a Macbook Pro for work. Let me tell you, the scariest part of moving from a Windows PC to a Mac is the prospect of losing access to the tools and utilities you use on a daily basis. How To: Switch applications in Mac OS X :: WonderHowTo The University of South Florida screencast teaches you how to switch applications in Mac OS X. The application switcher gives you a quick way to switch through the running programs on your computer. To do this, simply press Command + Tab. You can keep pressing Tab to switch to another program. How To Right Click On A Mac OS X Computer Did you know how to right click on a Mac computer, especially a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with the trackpad? There is no separate left or right button to discern. But if you have recently switched from Windows to Mac OS X, especially a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, you may not know... How to Ping on a Mac Computer |

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